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Partner with us for efficient resolution. MEMO’s claims adjusters handle moving claims for all moves: Intrastate and Local. The adjusters are trained to handle loss, damage, delay, overcharge and real property damage claims under both the limited liability option and the Full (replacement) value protection.

Claims Services

Expert Moving Claims Assistance

Trust our adjusters to navigate loss, damage, delay, overcharge, and real property damage claims for your clients’ moves. From local transitions to interstate relocations, we’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive Protection

Whether it’s limited liability or full value protection, we specialize in resolving claims swiftly and fairly. Your clients deserve peace of mind during their move, and we’re here to deliver.

Your Trusted Partner in Claims Management

Adopt your brand professionally and personally as our own. Get-it-done attitude is present in us at work every day.

Safeguard Your Reputation

Leave the complexities of claims management to us while you focus on providing exceptional moving services. With our support, you can uphold your reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Seamless Claims Handling

Minimize disruption to your operations with our streamlined claims handling process. Our adjusters are trained to efficiently resolve issues, allowing you to maintain focus on your core business activities.

What We Offer You in Moving Claims Management

Basic Claims Management

Essential handling of loss, damage, delay, and overcharge claims for hassle-free moving experiences.

Comprehensive Coverage Solutions

Complete protection encompassing real property damage and full (replacement) value protection for peace of mind during every move.

Local and Interstate Claims Assistance

Dedicated support for managing claims within local areas or across state lines, addressing all aspects of the moving process efficiently.

Expert Adjuster Services

Access to highly trained adjusters proficient in handling various claim types, delivering efficient and effective resolution strategies.

MEMO Claims Pricing


  • Up to 20 Claims/Complaints $237
  • Up to 10 Claims/Complaints $172
  • Up to 5 Claims/Complaints $112


  • Up to 20 Claims/Complaints $305
  • Up to 10 Claims/Complaints $237
  • Up to 5 Claims/Complaints $175


  • Up to 20 Claims/Complaints $315
  • Up to 10 Claims/Complaints $250
  • Up to 5 Claims/Complaints $185

Our tiered billing structure offers Bronze, Gold, and Platinum plans, each with a capped number of claims included; for any claims exceeding the limit, a flat fee of $25 per additional claim applies.

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