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All business owners know that trucks we see on the road require high maintenance. Following up with drivers and keeping track of their safety and compliance with SOP are responsibilities that cost time and money. MEMO independent dispatch service provides an efficient way for you to focus on your main foundation and business.

As our business partner, you will be able to:

  • Focus on discovering new profitable ways to advance your business.
  • Save time and money since we would be taking care of back-office tasks (things like billing, route planning, compliance and any and all paperwork).

Benefits Of Outsourcing Dispatch Team

In most cases, when you have your own, full-time staff, you will be overpaying for your dispatching services. Even during the off season (winter time, slow days, etc.) you will be paying for salaries, benefits and other expenses for full-time staff. With MEMO, you have nothing to worry about, we will only charge you when your drivers are working.


Avoid valuable errors with the assistants from industry experts. Anything from preventing road accidents, logbook violations to being compliant with all federal laws. With MEMO, your fleet will be ready to hit the road in no time.




Partnering with an outsourced dispatching company is the perfect way to revamp your responsiveness, strengthen drivers satisfaction with better routes, and deliver high-quality service. We make sure that everything is excellent from start to finish.

Things We Can Do As a Remote Dispatching Team

Receive and dispatch orders

Communicating with the sales team and branch manager. Answering calls from drivers, shippers and brokers.

Plan the most effective moving loads

We are aware that load planning is crucial to the success of the company. Truck dispatchers are required to make the greatest decision for all.

Control Delay Obstacles

Delays in dispatch or delivery whether it is due to weather or other factors, our team will oversee proper coordination among all parties involved.

Monitor maintenance and servicing

Provide assistance, support and crisis management for drivers. Keep track of maintenance schedule and any services related to the trucks.

Organize pickup and delivery

Schedule suitable times to the client and their requirements for pickup and delivery. Dispatch drivers while simultaneously balancing the drivers and company's needs. Notify the driver with proper information.

DOT federal and state regulations

Federal and state regulations compliance is essential to any moving company. This an important task that can not be overlooked

Top 5 Skills a Dispatcher Needs to Have


Decision Making:

The art of logic-driven choices, guiding every move with sound reasoning.



Juggling multiple tasks seamlessly, from liaising with drivers to relaying crucial information to the Customer Support team.



A vital skill is swiftly evaluating situations to prioritize actions effectively.


Problem Solving:

Mastering the art of quick and efficient solutions is a cornerstone skill for dispatchers.



Creating a symphony of order amidst chaos is essential for effortlessly tracking and managing various moving parts.

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