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Interstate Shipping Documents

Interstate moves are moves completed crossing state lines. This includes your drivers driving across the border or state lines to complete the transportation of a shipment.

These moves are subject to specific regulations and logistical considerations, ensuring that the goods are transported safely and compliantly across different jurisdictions.

1. Interstate Bill of Lading

As mentioned previously, the bill of lading is a legal agreement between the mover and the client for the shipment. This document is provided on a moving day before loading the shipment. The carrier must prepare and issue the bill of lading before receiving a shipment of household goods that will be transported.

Moving company interstate bill of lading

2. Interstate Bill of Lading Contract - Valuation Selections

Clients can choose from 2 options of the protection plans. Full value and Basic valuation protection.

Full value protection as the name sugests, is an all-inclusive protection plan. The minimum level of liability is $6.00 per pound multiplied by the weight of the shipment.

Basic valuation protection is the minimal protection you can offer as a company. It is 60 cents per pound per item.

3. Post Contract Services Order Form

Post contract services document covers additional services that were not added to the original estimate and that the customer requested on the day of the move, usually at the destination. You are able to charge separately for these services.

4. Packing Materials Order Form

This document states what packing materials were used during the move and can also include whether your company will charge an additional fee for this service.

5. Onsite New Estimate

Once you are at the job and do a walkthrough, if there are any changes to the estimate or the provided information, you are required to do a new binding estimate. This has to be done before loading the items. This will ensure that the client and you are on the same page; otherwise, the original estimate will be restated.

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