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Reaching Great Results Is Easy With Our Customer Support Team

We Will Handle Every Call

Are you wondering how to provide first-class customer support service? Don’t worry about the cost of hiring full-time employees; we have everything you need. Getting that magnitude of service is hard to reach for most small businesses, but we are here to make it happen.

Without worrying about staffing, training or hiring costs, appreciate the benefits of an in-house team.

Our team empowers moving companies by providing them with the option to outsource an experienced and professional customer service team!

What you get from MEMO?

Pre-sales assistance

In cases where your sales team is occupied with calls, we will handle the overflow. Our team will answer clients inquiries about the service and ensure that they know why your company is the right choice.

Refunds and Compensations

In cases that a refund is expected, the process will be explained to the customer. We will refund and send the check in your name.

Live chat support

A lot of time and energy is spent getting clients to your website, make sure you don’t fail to answer their questions once they are there.


Correct steps to take when a customer decides to cancel is something that will help save 10% on your operational expenses. Cancellations are often hectic and they are best handled by professional outsourcing moving company.

Email Support

MEMO is the first point of contact for all your clients' needs. We will be responding and forwarding emails, as well as, conducting follow-ups.

Phone Help

Taking care of calls and any trouble that arises, coming up with solutions as required.


Boost your income after the primary booking by having our agents promote additional services. This will in turn decrease surprises on the day of the move

Industry-specific Understanding

Every client will receive specialized support from our agents, who are knowledgeable in moving industry specifics.

Stay in the know at all time

You’ll be able to see all information regarding the customer follow-ups and interactions via customer reporting.

Hear how we sound

Customized to your needs

Since the moving industry comes with busy and slow periods, our customer support will match your needs. You will only be charged for what you use.

Acquire more 5 star reviews

Turn your reviews into 5 star ratings on all major platforms (Google, Yelp, Trustpilot etc.).

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