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Driver Qualification Documents

When it comes to hiring drivers, Memo has all the necessary documentation. As a moving company owner, it isn’t only important to have the right documents when it comes to dealing with clients, but when dealing with your employees as well.

1. Application for Employment

Application for Employment is a standard document filled with questions deemed important for the position. It is used to determine the best candidate for the open position that you are looking for.

Moving company application for Employment

2. Employment Record

This document is used to keep the information of the employee on file. It includes the compliance, payroll, taxes and benefits information.

3. MVR Waiver Form

MVR is a document that includes the driver’s history and any sort of driving violations, accidents, license suspensions and other relevant information. This form can be used for pre-employment screening for any new drivers on your team.

4. Drivers Road Test Examination

Each new candidate must complete a driving test with the motor carrier. This test evaluates your capacity to operate a vehicle safely and with confidence in accordance with the driving regulations of your state.

5. Certificate of Driver’s Road Test

This document proves that the driver who took the road test passed and is able to operate a vehicle. After the new candidate has completed the road test with the motor carrier, the motor carrier must certify that the candidate has sufficient knowledge and driving skills to safely operate a motor vehicle.

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