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Why Do You Need MEMO?

MEMO aims to help moving companies looking to succeed in the industry. With firsthand experience, we learned the ins and outs of every department. We know what needs to be done for your business to prosper. Each department has been put through the wringer to bring everyone the best possible results. We can help you to:

The perks are unlimited when you choose us. Please feel free to check us out and discover everything we have to offer. We know how to boost your team and your entire business!

Boost your sales

Save time and money

Grow the # of satisfied customers

Increase revenue

Free your focus

Decrease stress


Whether you are looking for just a helping hand with one department or the whole business, we have you covered. MEMO has everything from the sales department to customer service to even finance consultation. Come check out how we can make your business soar!


MEMO has trained moving experts that will handle all your client’s needs over the phone. We know how to run your business and get the best results. You won’t have to waste your valuable time because we are just one phone call away.

Virtual Estimates

Connecting with clients has never been easier. With our distinctive virtual survey specialists, you will be able to get the trust of your clients by providing them with accurate estimates.

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Our marketing team will create exclusive content for you that will make your company excel. With top of the line research and thorough analysis your business will attract more customers and in turn generate more revenue.

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Customer Support

We understand how important online presence is. That is why our customer service representatives will make sure that your clients are satisfied and happy after each move.

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Schedule, coordinate and get moves that work best for your clients. Our team of dispatch specialists will help your business run as smoothly as possible without having to worry about anything.

Finance consultation

Running a business is no easy task and MEMO knows that firsthand. From financial records to business reports, our team will help you understand and thrive in every possible way. Your success keeps our gears grinding.

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Safety & Compliance Consultation

Looking to start a business but not sure where to begin? Our qualified safety professionals are here to assist you. They will help you make the right choice, safely, in all aspects of your business.

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Client Review

Zip Moving and Storage Owner

We reached out to MEMO in 2018 and never looked back. They helped us break through the barriers in the moving industry and stand out from the rest. MEMO`s dedication, attention to detail and approach in handling challenges is evident in their work and how far ZIP has come thanks to their commitment . We look forward to many more years of partnership.

Sunbeam Owner

Being new in such a saturated business is hard and overwhelming. Starting out can be a bit daunting but MEMO was able to reassure us and show us the ropes. They took care of some of the more internal parts of the business, which allowed us to focus on different priorities. Their teams of professional and skilled individuals created a safe environment to help us learn and grow.