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MEMO'S Virtual Surveys

Accurate Estimates, Every Time

Embrace the New Age of Moving Surveys

At MEMO, we understand the challenges of traditional moving estimates. That’s why we’ve pioneered a virtual survey service specifically tailored for moving companies.

Our innovative approach streamlines the estimation process, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and complete customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to the old way and embrace a new era of moving estimates with MEMO.

Already on board with MEMO?

Simplifying Your Estimates

Schedule Effortlessly

Book a virtual survey through our user-friendly calendar system. A convenient and flexible scheduling process tailored for busy moving companies.

Automated Reminders

We send automated reminders to your customers, ensuring they’re prepared and on time for their virtual survey.

Comprehensive summary

From addresses to the parking options, we will include it all. Each virtual will come with in-depth notes about the specifics of the move that you will need.

Meticulously detailed inventory list

The list will include not only the items being moved but also the adequate symbol for each unique item. Making sure each valuable piece is taken care of properly by your crew.

Special Handling

Table of articles in need of special handling, which will include the type of packing or attention required to protect the piece.

Survey Snapshots

Snapshots will be included at the end of the file containing the items that need special attention (bulky, valuable, etc.) and the access of each location. Furthermore, we will include any additional snapshots that would benefit your company.

Choose the Plan That Best Suits Your Business Needs

At MEMO, we offer flexible pricing plans to accommodate the varying needs of moving companies. Whether you’re handling a few moves or managing a large volume, we have a plan that fits. Our pricing is based on the number of virtual surveys scheduled each month, ensuring you only pay for what you need. You’ll be billed at the end of the month based on your usage.


Silver Plan

For Up to 50 Virtual Surveys per Month

$ 39 per Survey
  • Ideal for smaller moving companies or those just starting with virtual surveys. This plan offers all the essential features of MEMO's service at an affordable rate.

Gold Plan

Between 50-200 Virtual Surveys per Month

$ 34 per Survey
  • Designed for growing moving companies handling a moderate volume of surveys. Enjoy a reduced rate while benefiting from the full range of MEMO's virtual survey capabilities.

Platinum Plan

Over 200 Virtual Surveys per Month

$ 29 per Survey
  • The best value for high-volume moving companies. This plan offers the lowest rate per survey, making it perfect for businesses with extensive survey needs.

Why Choose MEMO's Virtual Surveys?

No In-Home Agents Required:

Eliminate the need for time-consuming in-home visits. Our virtual surveys can be completed remotely, saving you both time and resources.


Receive a detailed and accurate inventory within just 3 hours post-survey. Fast, efficient, and reliable - that's our promise.

Secure Cloud Storage:

All survey data, including inventories, are securely stored in the cloud. Access your information anytime, anywhere, with the assurance of top-tier security.

Detailed Inventory Labels:

Our inventories come with comprehensive labeling – including categories like fragile, sentimental, bulky, and more – to assist in precise moving and packing plans.

95% Accuracy:

We promise a 95% accuracy rate for the inventory cubing process. Trust in our precision to ensure a smooth and accurate assessment of your belongings.

Let’s Work Together!

Contact us today, and we will show you live results of our Virtual Estimates in action – then you can decide if it is right for you.

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